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"Revitalizing Outdoor Privacy: Innovative Garden Design in Sutton Co Dublin"

Garden Design Concept 1

In Sutton Co Dublin, our 3D garden design addressed privacy challenges caused by a newly constructed grocery store. Tasked with optimizing the south-facing front garden for dining and creating a vehicle turnaround space, we leveraged the 1-meter slope to design a screened patio. This secluded retreat blends evergreen hedges and railway sleepers, providing both privacy from the public road and a tranquil atmosphere enhanced by natural sunlight.

Garden Design Concept 2

Emphasizing privacy in the parking area, we elevated the ground level to minimize the ramp's impact and conceal the patio from the bustling road. Our choice of gravel and natural paving not only reduces costs and prevents flooding but also ensures a stable surface for vehicle maneuvering.

The thoughtful incorporation of a ramp and steps enhances accessibility, offering a seamless connection to the ground-level patio.

This garden design harmonizes functionality, privacy, and aesthetics to create a welcoming outdoor space. Notably, this garden consisted of three different concept designs until our clients were happy with their dream garden design.

Garden Design Concept 3

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