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Real Life Garden Design Package

1. Site Analysis: Detailed assessment of the site's attributes, encompassing terrain, existing structures, soil quality, drainage patterns, and environmental considerations.

2. Scaled 3D Model and Animation: A comprehensive 3D model of the garden design with textures, lighting, and realistic elements. This model is used to create a video walkthrough, illustrating the garden's layout, structures, pathways, plant beds, and other features from multiple angles.

3. Construction Plan and Annotations: Extracted 2D plans or drawings from the 3D model, providing detailed annotations and specifications for construction, materials, dimensions, and precise placements.

4. Planting Plan and Growth Visualization: Integration of plant species into the 3D model to depict their growth progression over time, allowing stakeholders to visualize the garden's evolution.

Construction Quantities and Specifications: Calculations of materials required for construction based on the 3D model, aiding in accurate cost estimations and procurement.

5. Guidelines and Maintenance Plan: Comprehensive instructions and schedules for installation, maintenance, and ongoing care of the garden, ensuring its longevity and health.

6. Interactive 3D Video Presentation: A dynamic, interactive video presentation or walkthrough allowing stakeholders to virtually experience and navigate through the proposed garden design, offering a realistic feel of the space.

7. Guidelines and Maintenance Plan: Detailed instructions, guidelines, and schedules for installation, maintenance, and care of the garden after completion.

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