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3D Garden Design Packages

1. Site Analysis: Thorough evaluation of the site's characteristics, such as topography, existing structures, soil quality, drainage, and environmental factors.

2. Conceptual 3D Renders: Initial 3D visualizations or renders illustrating design concepts, helping stakeholders envision the final garden layout.

3. Scaled 3D Model: Detailed and accurate 3D model representing the garden layout, structures, pathways, plant beds, and all intended features with realistic textures and materials.

4. Construction Plan: Detailed 2D drawings or annotated views derived from the 3D model, specifying construction details, materials, dimensions, and precise placement of elements.

5. Planting Plan and Visualization: 3D models or representations of recommended plant species integrated into the garden design, showcasing their placement, growth, and appearance over time.

6. Construction Quantities and Specifications: A breakdown of materials required for the project derived from the 3D model, with accurate measurements aiding in cost estimation and procurement.

Interactive 3D presentations allowing clients or stakeholders to virtually explore the proposed garden design from various angles and perspectives.

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